1. artemis (left) belongs to chelsea and axolye (right) belongs to me. :3


    commission info

  3. process work! chiara (left) belongs to darcie and desera (right) belongs to ali!!

  5. Commissions are open!

  6. greenmangos-and-starfruit:

    more process work

    (thanks for all the notes)

  8. oh my gog it seems i’ve gotten asks but i never knew because the mailman forgot to do the thing he does with the red flippy doodad on the m-box. so i guess i’ll just reply in a big pile if everyone’s cool with that.

    to number 1, 2, and 6, thanks a ton! i really appreciate the nice comments, sorry i replied so late. it really does make me happy and motivates me to draw more! and to otafest aww heck yes i entered your contest this year and last year.

    to number 3, thanks andy, i like to do my part for the four legged littlest miniature horse pet friends.

    to number 4, aww yeah i watched it once and then i watched it again immediately after.

    to number 5, i like a lot of things! it gives me strange thrills to like things.

    well that concludes mail time on the big comfy computer chair. feel free to throw more shit into the mailbox and i’ll try harder to reply next time.

  10. second try at a walk cycle. it’s simpler than the last one but at least sonic is cute.